different views of spiral staircases including the cathedral light option

What does shipping cost?
This varies on where the spiral is being shipped and the weight. This can range between $200-$400 in the USA and Canada.

What do you have to specify when purchasing a spiral?
An easy to use order form is always handy, which is what we offer. Basically what we need to know is:
- finished floor to finished floor height
- diameter
- direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise going down)

Do oak staircases arrive finished?
All staircases arrive unfinished. The choice of wood stain that you choose is a personal choice that you make. Safeway provides you with oak  pieces that you can use to test different stains.

Are bolts, screws and all fasteners included?
Each spiral staircase is shipped with all necessary hardware for reassembly. Each package also includes a detailed assembly manual and extra hardware in the event you misplace some.

At what point during building construction should the spiral be assembled?
Spirals are a complete and finished product. They should be the last item to assemble. 

I plan to attach the spiral to a loft, are there any other measurements needed for this application?
Obviously, for a loft application, you do not need a well opening measurement. However, you should make sure that you have adequate headroom. Entry and exit points are chosen for convenient traffic flow above and below.

How long will delivery take and can I pick up my stair kit?
Safeway Stair will ship your spiral staircase directly to your jobsite. Delivery times vary anywhere from 10 days to two weeks, with International orders taking slightly longer. Spiral staircases can also be picked up at our facility fully assembled and at no extra cost in Stoneham.

Are there any special ordering considerations I should take into consideration?
Safeway Stair spirals meet  BOCA and UBC requirements, which means that they come standard with  intermediate balusters (in-between spindles), which provide less than a 4" spacing between verticals.

How long does assembly take? Do I need a contractor to help me install the spiral stair?
Installing a stair kit from Safeway Stair is a two-person job. For the typical do-it-yourselfer, the stairs can be installed without the help of a contractor. We do recommend, however, that everyone (experienced or not) consult a qualified contractor for cutting and framing the opening. The contractor will help identify whether any additional structural support will be required and he or she can reroute pipes and electric lines.

The typical spiral takes about a day to reassemble. All you will need are basic hand tools and an electric drill.

Before installing your spiral stair kit, we recommend that you read through the entire installation manual. This web site also has an online installation guide that you can use as well.