different views of spiral staircases including the cathedral light option
  Jeff assembling a spiral staircase center post

Solid contruction

Our center posts are solid one-piece oak columns designed for strength and are constructed of the finest oak available..

Upon receipt of your order..

The spiral stair is built by our craftsman, sanded smooth, inspected for quality, and can be picked-up fully assembled at our dockside or shipped in several containers. Typical shipping weight is 350 pounds (160Kg) reassembly time is about 5 hours. Installation instructions and hardware are included.

Safeway Stair maintains an inventory of all stair components to ensure timely deliveries. Most orders are completed within 20 business days and are shipped by common carrier to the job site.

Building codes and standards.

Stairway building codes vary within countries and states, therefore it is important to inform Safeway Stair of any special requirements your installation demands.

This is a list of features in ALL Safeway Stair spiral staircases:

  • Baluster spacing is 4" or less
  • Tread depth is 8" (20.32cm) measured 12" (30.48cm) from the narrow end
  • Handrail height (helix) on all models is 34" (86.36 cm)
  • Upper platform rails are 36" (91.44cm) in height
  • The 5 foot diameter spirals and larger have a minimum tread width of 26" (66.04 cm) or greater and are used as a primary stairs
  • Treads are 1” thick (2.54cm) solid red oak

Safeway spirals are unconditionally guaranteed for their workmanship and materials. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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